IceMelters.Biz supplies snow and ice melting chemicals, application equipment, education and support to snow
    and ice management professionals.  Based in Warren, Michigan, we work with contractor's as well as maintenance
    personnel for buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government agencies, apartments, condominiums,
    industrial sites, and any other groups of people responsible for keeping people safe from snow and ice.  Melting
    snow and ice has become as much a matter of art as it is a science.  Conditions vary and so should the materials,
    equipment, and methods used to remove snow and ice.  Make IceMelters.Biz your source for products and
    information that will make the job of managing snow and ice better, easier, and more cost effective.

    Arm yourself with the latest advances in technology.  With costs on the rise and budgets being strained, it is more
    important than ever to become more efficient so you can do more with less.  IceMelters.Biz does the homework
    for you.  Liquid based ice-melters have been used very effectively by state, county, and municipal DOT's for years.
    There is now a growing trend for contractor's and private maintenance personnel to employ the use of liquid tech-
    nology to enhance their properties.  Long used as a way to cut costs for keeping roadways safe, liquid based ice-
    melters are being used efficiently and cost effectively in parking lots and on sidewalks.  Furthermore, liquid based
    ice-melters were once thought of only as an anti-icing tool.  Recent research and actual use by several contractor's
    has shown that liquid based ice-melters make a great de-icing tool as well.  Liquids can be applied directly to the
    pavement or used to pre-wet rock salt to achieve desired results.  In fact, many contractor's are now using some
    form of liquid based ice-melter instead of rock salt much of the time.  A more convincing use of liquid based ice-
    melters can be found in environmentally sensitive areas.  The correct use of liquid based ice-melters together with
    a comprehensive snow and ice management program has seen a reduction in the amount of chlorides being
    released into the environment.  Anyone working in environmentally sensitive areas is encouraged to incorporate
    liquid based ice-melters into their snow and ice management program.      

    Having the right equipment is important when using liquid based ice-melters.  There are several options on the
    market today.  We have incorporated some of the better features of some commercially made spray units and
    developed our own.  Our spray units are capable of treating pavement uniformly and have enough pressure to
    penetrate any potential hard packed snow.  We have spray units to accommodate any size pickup truck, stake
    truck, or small dump truck.  Each unit also comes equipped with a hose and spray nozzle for treating sidewalks
    steps, and porches.

    We offer a choice between a 23.3% salt brine solution, mineral well brine, and a salt brine and mineral well blend that
    we can custom mix to any perentage.  

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